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Gallery of Log Home  Floor Plans and Log Home Designs

We have 45 standard log home designs and a proven ability to customize a log home to fit virtually anyone's needs. We've selected our top sellers to display here. Select a model of your choice for a closer look:

Casa de Yorleny Grand Vista Grand Manor
Mod. Whispering Mod. Madison Gatlinburg
Williamsburg Fredricksburg Bluefield
Shenandoah Cumberland Pioneer
Roanoke Richmond Charleston
Texan Modified Texan
Nashville Texan Modified Texan
Wyoming Oregon Farmhouse
Nevada Cheyenne Colorado
Yellowstone Yadkin Lexington
Hampton Appalachian Californian
Chesapeake Waco Portland
Laurel Saratoga Custom Homes
Live-in Garage 2-Car Garage 3-Car Garage